Sunday, June 28, 2009

TV, yoga, chocolate, and pyromania

We have been watching TV lately- much too much. Between Netflix, DVDs borrowed from Nexus, and the library there is too much to watch for summer. With some of it NSFK this has led to the DM not only trying to send the kids to bed while the sun is up, but declaring The Boy old enough to watch Heroes. Time to rein it in. I canceled all my holds from the library ( not books, of course) and am trying to cycle in things for Nexus on my Netflix queue.
Today, Nexus and I went up to Theo chocolates in Seattle for yoga and chocolate. Great Hatha Flow Yoga- I feel very good. Tasty tasty organic fair trade chocolate. We hit the Fremont Sunday Market where I had the most amazing falafel.
After I got home, I found out the kids had slept in for the DM, and before he got up had stripped their beds, swept the house and cleaned up. Yay!Which, the DM tells, me, means he was lenient on them when they started a very small fire in the back yard with a magnifying glass. Dear Lord.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some days are a mixed bag.

It did not start off well. I was woken up at about 7 am by Turbo. Now, since the general crabbiness the kids have to deal with when they wake me early hasn't been working, I had to go hardcore. "Summer vacation is for sleeping in. If I don't sleep on, you aren't on vacation and you will do school". It doesn't help that we have been up late watching ( alternately) the first seasons of "Trueblood" and "Torchwood", both very NSFK.
Swim lessons went better. I managed to take a walk WITHOUT getting lost and the kids all emerged in a timely manner. Then the bank, then the library. Where thing did not go so well. I found some Friends sale books I wanted to buy so I asked The Boy to go get my money from the car. Turbo follows him out, hides from me, and when I find him I have to chase him. I grab his hand and do not let go. The Boy comes back in, money in hand, and...cannot produce my keys. After another run out to confirm he has, in fact, locked them in the car, he asks the librarian to borrow the phone and call the DM. Despite my card being locked in the car I manage to get my hold (DW Series 2! Woot!) Still gripping Turbo's hand, much to his distress, we go out to wait for the DM to unlock us. While we wait, a mom with a baby on the hip and three library bags is coming out. Her toddler falls and The Boy jumps up, helps up the toddler, then takes all her bags and loads her car. Because that's just how he rolls. So proud. Then to Winco for jo-jos ( I know, bad, but they are so good and so cheap!).
I am procrastinating all the chores I have to get done today!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Summer

We are on our summer break, unless I go crazy from the kids having nothing to do while I exercise and shower and lay the smackdown. I think all of them but Turbo will adjust. Swim started today, and it is M-Th for the next month. Yay! At least we have some routine! I am determined to kick things up a notch this summer and take off some extra weight. Not just for me, but dragging the DM out too. Heh, hope it works.

Monday, June 15, 2009

This week

We have shows and the prep for. That means reherasals and or show/s every day of the week except Wednesday, through Saturday. I have not scoped out the theatre where itr will be held. I don't know where I will park or how little or much I can get away with paying. I don't know ehere the other studio location I have to go to tomorrow is. I am just avoiding all this stuff until I *have* to deal with it.
It is also our last week of school. It's a pretty light week, and should not last until Friday, but it is like pulling teeth dragging them through nonetheless. I got what I think are most of the assets I will need to ship back to CVA packed up today, plus some curric we are finished with.
I just want this week to be over.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Always an adventure

My darling kids. I am trying to get some laundry and other onerous house stuff done (NB- stay at home moms are not neccesarily the same as housewives, and the two should not be confused) because my next week will be too busy to do about anything. It's the kids' "recess" which means they play outside and leave me alone while I deal with the dreaded house stuff ( are you seeing how domestic I am *not*?) Matthew and Livvie come in because they have something exciting to show me. They make me close my eyes and lead me there and everything. I figure it must be some exciting plant that has bloomed. But noooo. It's a dead mole. I bury it. Andrew falls apart. I bring him in and go to finish sorting laundry aaaaanddd...a huge spider is hanging over my bed. Enter Olivia's Venus Flytrap, And then when I go to "vacuum" the bedroom, Roomba won't turn on. It hadn't been properly docked. It's working now, which is good as I don;t really vacuum, like pushing around a vacuum. ( See above).

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Goji's list of things that will not allow a 6 year old to fly

Jumping from a tree
Jumping from a tree with your arms through the handles of a plastic shopping bag
Tying balloons round you waist
And then running
or flapping your arms very hard
or asking your brother to pull you veryveryfast in a Radio Flyer

Monday, June 01, 2009

Three weeks and counting.

We are coming down to the end of our school year. I am getting an idea of what books we will finish by the end of the year, and when. Despite testing for the older two and getting ready for show (no, shows! I will lose my sanity before they are over!) I plan to push through and make these last few weeks count. I still just don' feel we accomplished much this year, eben though the lesson plans say otherwise. Next year, I will start getting up earlier! Really.
last week I tried going out for Philly cheesesteak and discovered that yes, ireally cannot eat any dairy. At all. Sucks, but it's good to know and know how to feel healthy.