Friday, August 01, 2014

Gremlins! #firstworldproblems

If you're on the internet, you probably know that Facebook was down for a while today. Sadly, that was the least of my technical difficulties.
The Xbox wouldn't connect to Youtube. This is the second time in three days. In order to do my workout, I then went looking for my strength and cardio DVD.
I found the box, but it was empty.
I decided to use my Xbox Kinect workout game. I got it booted up and tried to put in a CD (Rush) for some workout music.
The player wouldn't recognise the disk.
I played music on my phone.
By the time I managed to work out and shower, it was time for lunch. I made lunch and sat down with my laptop...and my cursor was stuck. After rebooting twice, I finally realised the F5 button had been pressed somehow, and was back in business.
Here's to hoping nothing else electronic goes wrong today!