Wednesday, July 12, 2006


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And in case you were interested, this is the shawl I made some months ago ( compleat with my fat ass).

God is in our tree

Last night, as I said prayers with my newly 4 Turbo, he tells me. "God was in our tree. He was in there with Jesus and Mary. They shook the tree so flowers would fall on my head. Then they flew away."
He also told me, "God was there on my baby water birthday at church. He was walking with Jesus and Mary. They walked around the church, then went away."

I wonder, is he a visionary, or just imaginative?

Monday, July 10, 2006

Growing things

Today has been a perfect day (IMO) to garden- overcast and cool without raining. I dug two pails of weeds and tranplanted some feverfew and daisies.

I keep thinking I'm supposed to do some growing soon to. I've been resisting it, to be sure. It's like God is knocking on my skull, yelling through the keyhole, "I have something big and exciting in store for you!" and I yell back, "Sorry, too busy for big and exciting". But every time I wake up in the night, for like a couple of months now, I hear the song "Here I am, send me" in my head. Something is most definately in the air.

Monday, July 03, 2006


I had two dreams in the wee hours this morning. In one my grandma was one a train and I was trying to catch her, and while the train kept stopping, run as I might I could not catch up with her.

This morning we called her, and I'm having the kids write letters. Not that I think the dream means anything prophetic, but it's just a good idea, KWIM?

I also had a dream that I had returned to the Gulf Coast with my family as guests of a family from the Lutheran church I stayed at down there. I want to do that someday, yes...but I feel before that I need to return to do more work rebuliding. But then I worry about long recovery i had from my asthma attack last time- is it a good idea? Something to think and pray about.