Wednesday, May 24, 2006

You never know when it will hit you

I was reading the paper and there was a blurb about a local knitter's group. They supply all the baby hats for the hospital where Baby Boy was born. I think I'm doing OK but as I go down the hall, the tears hit. I have to get out my keys, open the fire safe, and hold the little hat. The locket, the church bulletin, I sit and cry over it all and for a miracle, the kids don't disturb me. I think it never goes away.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Current projects and books

I just finished a cute hat and capelet set for HRH. It's very cute- purple angelhair and pastel variegated ( almost "baby" colour) faux mohair. I did the hat in vari V-stitch with purple trim, and the capelet in purple fishnet with vari trim.

I am about half way through a fishnet shawl for myself- a foundation chain of 135 (which somehow yeilded 33 loops) decreasing one loop per row. It's in a pinky-purple boucle I got at the Deseret store for a mere $1.

I am reading some John Barnes books for an online book club. I'm almost done with Orbital Resonance, which is very good, and rather reminiscent of the Heinlein "youth in space " novels. After that, it's The Da Vinci Code- finally!

Oce I drag myself of the puter, my project is the lawn- with an old skool push mower. Gas prices, ya know.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Maybe I'm amazed...

...that I can leave a project strewn over the couch when I go to bed, and no one will disturb it

...that I'm woken by my 9 year old telling me, "You're omelette's ready!"

...that I can actually get TIRED of hearing about Star Trek

...that is't noon, we've done school work, laundry, ballet practice, and the chores are almost done so we can go to the zoo

Life is good.