Friday, June 12, 2009

Always an adventure

My darling kids. I am trying to get some laundry and other onerous house stuff done (NB- stay at home moms are not neccesarily the same as housewives, and the two should not be confused) because my next week will be too busy to do about anything. It's the kids' "recess" which means they play outside and leave me alone while I deal with the dreaded house stuff ( are you seeing how domestic I am *not*?) Matthew and Livvie come in because they have something exciting to show me. They make me close my eyes and lead me there and everything. I figure it must be some exciting plant that has bloomed. But noooo. It's a dead mole. I bury it. Andrew falls apart. I bring him in and go to finish sorting laundry aaaaanddd...a huge spider is hanging over my bed. Enter Olivia's Venus Flytrap, And then when I go to "vacuum" the bedroom, Roomba won't turn on. It hadn't been properly docked. It's working now, which is good as I don;t really vacuum, like pushing around a vacuum. ( See above).