Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two things I am not imagining

When we have vague discomforts or symptoms, we often get told it's in our heads. This past week has show me two things I can cross off that list.

For the past few weeks, I've been measuring my waist on Fridays. Last Friday, I was shocked to find my girth 1.75 inches larger than the previous weeks. I measured several times, to be sure. Sure enough, I soon noticed other symptoms of what would be my period (which I don't really get due to having an endometrial ablation a year and a half ago- side note: if you know babies aren't in your future and have the means, consider this procedure! It changed my life for the better). So yes, ladies, if you feel like you bloat a LOT, you're not imagining it.

Secondly, I ran out of Zyrtec over the weekend a couple of factors (time and money...when are they ever NOT my factors?!) kept me from getting more until Monday. I learned a two things over that span of time:

- I really, really do respond to Benadryl in the opposite way of almost the entire population. Trying to substitute Benadryl for Zyrtec lost me two nights of sleep.

-I really need allergy medication, and not just for a "stuffy nose". Without it, I have headaches, a sore throat, and the skin all over my body itches. I'm pretty much allergic to life on earth.

Friday, April 04, 2014

Fighting rape culture and the however of having a teenage daughter

I feel like being a feminist and fighting rape culture when you’re the parent of a teenage girl is full of howevers. I can teach my sons not to rape, but I have limited ability to teach other people’s sons not to rape (yet another reason to work in youth ministry). So I have to teach my daughter to avoid rape. I have to teach her self defense skills, to not walk alone after dark, to not go off alone with a boy.I have to teach her not to wear provocative clothing. I will have to teach her to keep her keys in her hand, to not let her drink out of her eyesight, to be careful of how much she drinks when she’s not in a crowd. I am a feminist. I will fight against rape culture every day of my life. But I will never bet my daughter’s safety on others doing the same.