Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still sick, and funny girl

I am still sick today which means I had to take off work, which really sucks because I don;t get sick pay. No work, no pay. Such is part time nursery work, as the DM pointed out at 4:30 am, between my hacking, that he wouldn't drop his kid off with me. Suckage. Except for the fact that I have lost 3 pounds while sick- a sore throat and being unable to taste anything will help even when your stomach is OK.
The Girl has been borrowing my MP3 player, which is amusing in part because she doesn't realise one of the reaons you use a personal listening device is so only you hear the music. For most of the afternooon we have been treated to off key a capella renditions of Jimmy Buffett and barenakedladies songs. If she ever tries to go on American Idol, I will do the kind thing and stop her.
Also found the funniest blog : what not to crochet:

Saturday, September 27, 2008

The only good thing about being sick

is I've doen plenty of reading , written two book reviews for semidailystartrek, written my Oct lesson plan for work, finished two Starfleet academy courses, and doen a bunch of school stuff. Now I need to get to knitting; at least I needed to block this present before I gave it, it will sure need washing now.

Too busy to be sick!

So yes, it's the week before Nutcracker rehearsal start and I'm sick. I had to cut our schoolwork in half yesterday ( just what I want to do 3 weeks into our school year); not that I got to rest completely, as we needed to visit the library and drop off bags and bags of donations to the local annual UNSale ( a free yard sale a local church runs). I did score some nice shirts and a skirt, and Livvie got some black clothes. I have two truffle orders to do, and next week sees dance, bells, knitting, science class, work the usual school work and chores. Today I am taking it easy, drinking plenty of Gypsy Cold care tea and getting stuff done on the computer.

Friday, September 26, 2008

More about dance

Andrew decided to forgo tap company as he could not do it and Nutcracker. This year he will be a mouse and a child at the party, and Olivia will be a lead mouse and an angel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turbo Dancer!

Andrew will be doing competitive company tap. Apparently he's a real natural!

Church owes Darwin an apology

It's about time! "Good religion needs good science", I couldn't agree more!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Week from hell

We started school this week. Getting back in the swing has been hard. Have I mentioned that I don't like breaks because of the struggle to get the kids back on track? If this continues they will get T-giving, Christmas and New Year's Day off and NO OTHER days. Crying, arguing, Andrew screaming fits. Today was the capper. M and L are taking a writing class starting next week. The teacher came by to meet them. They both refused to introduce themselves until I threatened game time. Which they ended up losing- among the fighting they caused while she was there was a kick fight between Matthew and Andrew. When she left and I sent the older two to their rooms Matthew yelled about how he'll never go to class, he'll fight me. Academics aside, I think the worst thing in the world to teach Matthew ( or any of them) is that he can misbehave his way out of things he doesn't want to do. Classes, chores, or whatever. Yet he has done it time and again- I get so weary of fighting. I cry at how horridly they all behave and at how hard our days are. I think if we weren't in CVA they wouldn't have lasted the week without being put in school, the boys at least. Oh, and while I'm editing my typos may I add I have sent two kids to their rooms in the last 10 minutes for punching each other.It's supposed to be 82 Monday so I am bribing them with the lake if they can behave until then.
So after my day of hoemschooling hell- I had my annual. Never fun anyway, right? I knew she would say something about the fact that it had been over two years and I was upfront at saying I only came in becasue she wouldn't refill myAlbuterol otherwise. So- remember the weird lesion I had 2 1/2 years ago that I went to see her for, but she couldn't see? This time she could see it. It's not a scar, it's not an STD (I knew that) and she doesn't think it's cancer. She had no clue what it IS however. In 15 years of practice she's seen nothing like it. So I go for a biopsy ina few weeks. Next, my periods are too long and too heavy. This I knew too. She wants me to take progesterone for now, and also go see about uterine ablation. Brian is really thinking this is wrong and unnatural, but if insurance is paying for me to have to periods, I don't see me saying no. And she wants me to go in for a baseline mammogram! Aside from the fact that BC is the cancer I am LEAST concerned with, there's no way that will happen until I pay off all theother stuff I need done. Like the filling. Did I mentioned I got my first cavity diagnosed on Tuesday?


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm back

All's well. Much more later, including pictures!
Oh, and Happy Birthday to me!