Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spank out Day USA

Hitting is never, ever OK. It boggles my mind that the one person that our country says it's ok to hit is your own child. A person wh0 is not only smaller, and looks to you for everything, but who can't leave and has no recourse against being hit?

I'm copying Lone Star Ma's excellent post here:

Today is Spank-Out Day USA. It is a day, on the last day of Child Abuse
Prevention Month, set aside each year to remind us that violence only really
teaches violence in the end and that we can all find ways to raise good kids
without hitting.Everyday in the U.S., children are subjected to treatment that,
inflicted upon an adult, would be prosecutable as assault. And everyday in
schools all over our nation, injurious corporal punishment that would be
forbidden even to parents by child abuse statutes that do not allow "discipline"
to include bruising or injury, happens and is perfectly legal.To find out more
about this issue, go to The Center For
Effective Discipline
, a site with many informative resources on the issue
of corporal punishment.I encourage everyone to work in what ways they can
towards ending corporal punishment in your community. Will you take a pledge
with me today to avoid corporal punishment in your own family in order to help
us get that much closer to a world at peace? I pledge to do my best not to hit
my children, so they will not learn violence. If you pledge to try also, please
post in the comment section. Thank you!

Saturday, April 29, 2006

You don't tug on Darth Vadar's cape

Another good column by Chris Bridges: