Thursday, August 09, 2007

Reading, Knitting

I am currently reading two books- Tomorrow Happens by David Brin and Dance of the Dissident Daughter by Sue Monk Kidd. I read some David Brin from time to time and ask myself- why am I not reading him all the time? This is a wonderful book with fiction sprinkled with non fiction, much on the concept of how we have changed and will change; and the impact technology may have on us.

I finished veloute's Jyane hats- now I am back to the green and grey sweater. I am starting to make my Christmas list ( as in, what to make people!) and it includes two more Jayne hats, two pairs of socks, a shirt and a pair of mittens.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Some wonderful things about my sons

Last Thursday The Boy made peanut butter cookies. He seriously makes the best PBCs- they go in minutes.

Friday I took Turbo shopping with me.We got home at 8, past his bedtime, and I hoped to send himoff to bed sraightaway, but of course he wanted to eat. I tried to give him a banana, but he "wah-ahed" at me, hopped and screamed "That's insufficient!" Now, I may be off, but I think that's awee bit advanced for just turned 5.

Yesterday I walked to the post office with just The Boy. I had a Starbucks card with $1 + change on it, and I got him a kids drink. I had not enough left for myself, and when he saw I'd spent my last on him, he spontaneoulsy hugged and kissed me in front of people. Now, anything that will get that out of a 10 year old boy is worth it.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


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The other day, we went to the Ruston Way Waterfront. This is always a lovely way to spend a day ( although I will note I have NEVER gone there on a weekend or holiday) This last trip a crabber caught this 19 arm starfish off the Les Davis Pier, and we got a picture before he released it. The kiddos amused themselves for well over an hour turning over rocks to watch the little crabs scuttle out, and they found 5 differnt pieces of volcanic rock with fossilised plant impressions ( I think they're Pre-Cambrian)