Tuesday, April 05, 2016

5 Teacher Gifts (that aren't scented candles)

 Teacher Appreciation Day is coming up, with the end of the school year not far behind, so it's time for a little real talk about teacher gifts. Now some people like my husband will say a teacher should never write a post about good teacher gifts. It's unseemly. So I'll tell you why I was so inspired.

Posts about scented candles on sale and how they make great teacher gifts.

Now it seems to me that everyone should know this basic rule by now NEVER get ANYONE a scented ANYTHING gift unless you know beyond a doubt they will love and use it. But given how many gifts I stash in my closet for my kids to take to white elephant exchanges, not everyone does. So here are 5 great ideas to give your kids' teachers that WILL get used.

Coffee Shop Cards: Even if the teacher doesn't drink coffee there WILL be a day when that drive through bagel saves their day. Bonus points for a card to that great local shop.

Amazon or Dollar Store Gift Cards: Your child's teacher is spending out of pocket for school supplies. Without knowing your child's teacher I know that to be true. Lighten the load!

Vitamin C and cough drops: Maybe not so much for middle and high school teachers but younger children are germ factories. Help a teacher's immune system!

UNscented hand cream and chapstick: See above

Your time: If you can spare an hour of your time offer to help your child's teacher with cleaning or arranging their classroom. They will be SO grateful