Friday, December 21, 2007

Nutcracker- a story

This takes place on Saturday Night, after the 3rd of 5 shows. I sent Turbo into the men's dressing room to change out of his leotard and into street clothes, then set about removing the bobby pins from HRH's ringlets. I looked down and saw Turbo's street clothes ontthe floor. I had the Gameboy, so I knew he wasn't doing that, but I figured he was goofing off or eating somewhere. I planned to finish with HRH's hair and go after him. I didn't get the chance. Somehow, I didn't associate the scandalised little girls screams with whatever Turbo was doing- until I got hit in the head with his leo. Yes, he was nekkid. I gt him dressed right quick, but it will be a long time until HRH forgives him.

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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The picture you've been waiting for:

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My little monsters at Nutcracker. They did wonderfully, especially considering that they were both sick (HRH was barely eating that weekend). Turbos was more cute than perfect. We all look forward to doing it again next year.