Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Weird Sunday

My Sunday had weirdness to it. When I got home from church, I had a message that I should call the neighbor boy, Nexus's son. He wanted to take them to the hospital because she had lost short term memory. Of course we were thinking stroke- but to make a long story short, it wasn't. It was Transient Global Amnesia. She feels like she dodged a bullet. I am so grateful that one of the vital and most intelligent people I know will be keeping her marbles.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goodbye White Christmas

Yesterday, Gothgrll and I went to the mall with the intent of going to see Twilight. The only showing was at 10 PM, which meant we did not get to see it, but which probably also means it will be at the $ theatre soon. Instead we went to Claire's, Target, the library, the thrift store, Michaels, and Grocery Outlet. If I ever say I will take my tweenager to the mall the day after Christmas again, shoot me.Last night I heard it start raining. I was so saddened at the thought of the snow being gone, and my failure to appreciate it enough. Saddened by the moonlit snow walk the kids wanted to take but I didn't because I was "too cold"; saddened that we had our first White Christmas in the 15 years I have been here and I didn't take pictures or go ourside. I am left with an intesne feeling of my own suckage.Today I have been resting up; we watched some episodes of Dark Shadows while I knitted, I have done the obligatory laundry, I made two entries on semidailystartrek, and I have started by SFA Literature test.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I know I haven't been around for a while, so I'll update you on my busy week and a half.
The van got fixed, without us having to hire anyone. Huzzah! If you live here, or have been following the news, you'll know it started snowing here last Wednesday and hasn't really stopped. Thursday was the full dress rehersal for Nutcracker. We made it, and back. Same for the Friday show- to the dismay of nexus. Saturday- by the time the matinee was started, it was snowing in earnest. I called the DM to check on the pizza status and he told me of we came home he would not let us oput again. Well, you know how stubborn I am- we stayed, ate snacks for "supper" and did the second show. Got home OK.
Unfortunately, work was cancelled again! This is all made worse by the fact that this is the first December in at least 5 years that I have not sold ANY truffles. Blasted economy.
The Thermopylae change of command ceremony was still on though- huzzah! While The Boy went to his best friend's house, Turbo, Gothgrrl and I went to the ship. The "cadets" got to serve as sideboys.
We left just in time- we got home OK, but the roads were barely passable. Huzzah for new tyres!
I have spent most of the rest of the week choring ( where is all this laundry coming from?!), knitting, and fighting off a sore throat.
Last night, we made the family Christmas Eve service, but, nursery at the service I was supposed to work later was cancelled. Arggh!
Today has been good. I got some great gifts- a Sansa MP3 player ( which I have spent all.day. downloading the software for- gotta love that free dial-up), an Aeropress coffeemaker, Buzz Stromg cookies, Across the Universe, The Serenity Those Left Behind graphic novel, two great t-shirts- "Huge Tracts of Land" and "If you're not a part of the Solution, you're a part of the precipitate".
The kids got some cool stuff- The Boy got his first cel phone ( a pay as you go). This may afford him some new freedoms. Gothgrrl loves her "OMG PWNIES" shirt, and is quite excited about Twilight. She is paying to tale me to the movie tomorrow. (From what I've heard about the movie, that's the only way she'd get me there first run).
Of course, Turbo got lots of Speed Racer and Godzilla, plus Wall-E stuff.
Hope your day has been merry and bright!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Snow and car breakdowns

Friday was the day when we went to Seattle to see Nutcracker. We were all set to go, right on time...and the van didn't start. And didn't start. I called the DM, who came home. At this point the van was still trying to tick and turn over even though I had taken the key out. The DM had to disconnect the battery, which is the problem. He drove to his work, I took the wheel, drove Matthew to church where a friend was watching him, zipped out of the parking lot headed to Seattle.... and we stopped about 6 miles from our exit. School bus at the side of the road. Make it to the Center parking (the more expensive) flat out run across the sky bridge, and make it just in time. See sillymortalmama. Sell the extra ticket I had accidentally bought so we got Subway after. (I was ready to faint).
The show was amazing of course, I still get tingles every time and already can't wait for next year! Andrew plans to be on that stage someday.
Pick up Matthew, then DM. Rehearsal, eat, rehearsal.
Yesterday, the one morning sale at Fred Meyer. Get jammies and assorted gifts. Cut tree. Rehearsal. Make white bean roasted red pepper hummus and whole wheat mini pitas for DM's store holiday party. It starts to snow, which makes kids happy, but that means today nursery was cancelled- which means I lose a day's work. Still working on van.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Totally NUTS!

You know my kids are in the Nutcracker. And you know we go to see the PNB Nutcracker every tear. Tomorrow's the show, and the first time Andrew will go. But you may not know that for months, it is constant Nutcracker. Music. Dancing in the living room. DVD. WE love Nutcracker.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

On a lighter note:

http://www.ericdsnider.com/snide/my-rejected-twilight-screenplay/My favorite line "I think they're Canadian".The only thing this was missing was a Cedric Diggory Joke.

How does this happen?

First, dress rehearsals start Sunday. No way! We just started rehearsals! It's going too fast.

Secondly, did you know Virginia Mason charges $458 JUST to pply a cast, NOT counting the cost of supplies ($75) or the office visit ($197). This is utter highway robbery, and I promise you, I will buy plaster at Home Depot and cast my kid myself before I take them back to VM for a broken bone.