Thursday, May 21, 2009

Looking back on this year.

We are less than a month out from our last day of school. In that time , the oldest two will e going for testing, the younger two will have dress rehearsals for a total of three shows, and I will push to feel like we've done enough. Although we have been busy I feel like we have accomplished so little!We have gone to museums, finished some books, done projects and yet- I feel we should be doing more. I have two kids in three dance classes, one in bell choir, one going to play D&D weekly and all in swim. For next year I must dedicate to either getting up earlier, or going later in the day ( I know, you heard that last year).
On a bright note- today when I weighed myself I saw that despite having a unwelcome visitor and am therefore bloated, I have broken the "under 160" mark. Hey, I get to celebrate at least every 10 lbs, if not every 5! I washed one of the sweaters I knit today for storage, and I do not expect to wear it come fall.