Monday, April 12, 2010

Praying without ceasing

I had an 'epiphanous for me" moment a few days ago. I say epiphanous for me because every time I've had an epiphany in the past, I later found out that some one had figured it all out centuries before and I was not actually so brilliant after all. Anyway, it's this. If we are to pray without ceasing, then our every thought is a prayer. My gratitude for a sunny day, and the anger I feel towards those I love. When someone cuts in front of me and I think how nice it would be to see them wrapped around a telephone pole, that's my terrible prayer. Wow.
It comes down to one thing...actually viewing every single person as one of God's precious children. Can we do that? Can we ever get to a point of treating others with compassion if action if we don't do it in our hearts first? It's a daunting task and I'm glad I have God's help.