Sunday, April 26, 2009

Plants, Trek, and sockamania

Today I got seedlings and potted plants in the ground. Strawberries, snap peas, orange and white pumpkins, pinto beans and in Olivia's bed wildflowers. Sheetmulched around them to keep down the weeds and sidedressed with compost. I am not sure it's best practice to do all that at once, but once I'm on a roll I better stick with it.
You see, I don't actually like gardening, but feel I should do it, so when I start it's best for me not to stop. I also turned the compost and dug up some dandelions.
Lots of Star Trek scorage going on- I got my tickets for the first show of the new movie in IMAX, had the first fitting of my costume today and THEN saw on Amazon today that they are selling Enterprise: The Complete Series for $145. Can't beat it! So I am rolling in Trek but I just got paid Wednesday and my paycheck is almost GONE! I have just enough to fill my tank and upgrade my zoo membership. Anyone want truffles, LOL?
I am just finishing up a pair of socks for myself, after having finished a pair of cabled wool socks for the DM last week. I also have a pair on the needles for The Boy. Turbo wants a pair, as does the neighbor boy- I will be sick of socks soon.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Last Day of Spring break

We don't take a long one, as I have mentioned in the past that the longer break we take, the harder it is to get by kids back in the swing. This is complicated by their friends' spring breaks, which do not always run concurrent. The last weekish has been long, I have worked the past 5 days, and I only work that many days in a row twice a year. I have been all over the county ( I took the kids and my "other sons" to Seattle on Thursday to the Science Center and Whirligig). I have eaten so poorly and have gained three pounds since Friday. I am hoping that just eating right will melt it right off.
Today I got the weeks lessons planned out and am getting the last of my requesitions ready to fax off.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dark chocolate peanut butter eggs.

By popular demand- here are my directions, which do not deserve to be called a recipe...
Scoop about 1/2 a jar of Adam's peanut butter ( smooth) into a bowl. Add a whole bunch of C&H brown sugar ( you can also use powdered or some of each. ) Blend ( I use a Sunbeam mixer that was made back when women wore pearls to do this kind of thing, and which I can't turn up above two without smelling burning).

When you have achieved the consistency of the inside of peanut butter eggs, form by hand into eggs and lay out on a tray covered in parchment paper. Freeze for several hours.
When ready to dip, put a glass bowl in a pan of simmering water. Break up a Trader Joe's Pound Plus bar in your favorite cocoa concentration. When melted, remove from heat and stir completely. Remove eggs from freezer and dip, carefully scraping off bottom on side of bowl, placing back on the parchment. Try not to gorge yourself sick.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Spoilerific sneak preview review: (language advisory)
Now, this sums up why I love Star Trek:
There’s some powerful thoughts about the future of our people in STAR TREK. That we as a people could be those people in a hundred, two hundred, three hundred years. If we can put away childish notions of borders and differences. If we can culturally keep our differences and celebrate our commonalities. At our best, STAR TREK is our future. Not BLADE RUNNER. Not TERMINATOR. Not any other Science fiction that I’ve seen, but STAR TREK. It’s where I HOPE we’re headed.It’s the world where we didn’t blow ourselves up, where we didn’t fall prey to the worst of our nature. It’s the part of me that loves reading science journals and reading about the best inventions of any given year.