Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some days are a mixed bag.

It did not start off well. I was woken up at about 7 am by Turbo. Now, since the general crabbiness the kids have to deal with when they wake me early hasn't been working, I had to go hardcore. "Summer vacation is for sleeping in. If I don't sleep on, you aren't on vacation and you will do school". It doesn't help that we have been up late watching ( alternately) the first seasons of "Trueblood" and "Torchwood", both very NSFK.
Swim lessons went better. I managed to take a walk WITHOUT getting lost and the kids all emerged in a timely manner. Then the bank, then the library. Where thing did not go so well. I found some Friends sale books I wanted to buy so I asked The Boy to go get my money from the car. Turbo follows him out, hides from me, and when I find him I have to chase him. I grab his hand and do not let go. The Boy comes back in, money in hand, and...cannot produce my keys. After another run out to confirm he has, in fact, locked them in the car, he asks the librarian to borrow the phone and call the DM. Despite my card being locked in the car I manage to get my hold (DW Series 2! Woot!) Still gripping Turbo's hand, much to his distress, we go out to wait for the DM to unlock us. While we wait, a mom with a baby on the hip and three library bags is coming out. Her toddler falls and The Boy jumps up, helps up the toddler, then takes all her bags and loads her car. Because that's just how he rolls. So proud. Then to Winco for jo-jos ( I know, bad, but they are so good and so cheap!).
I am procrastinating all the chores I have to get done today!