Monday, February 23, 2009

Goals update

I have been exercising every morning, every day of the month, for about three months now. Habit now, yay!
I have gotten better than I was, say, last year, at not overeating but I still need to work on it.
Weight loss is plateued. I have been trying different workouts from the library but the truth is I need to cut way way back on the eating. I had the bland minestrone today that lost me so much with last month.
I hate that this is so hard and so long!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Lactatia. Even though Turbo weaned 4 years ago, I would out on that superhero costume:

Friday, February 06, 2009

Score and score!

Yesterday was our anniversary (16 years!) and we had some good wine and a lot of fun watching Harold Lloyd. The kids LOVED him, I'm glad I have kids that get silent comedy.
Today Gothgrrl wanted to go to the mall to spend the Claire's gift card she got from her birthday party-and she bought us all Starbucks. While we sat to enjoy our treats we found a place that sells fresh bao really cheap- $1.49-$1.99, and a dozen fortune cookies for $1. Major score, and cheaper than fast food.

Then we went to the Deseret store, where I got a small wooden cutting board for 75c, which I have wanted for years, and bra my size for $1.00, and airwalks with skull$crossbones for $6. Now the kids are all glued to Buffy and I am resting before we drop them off at a friends and go out for dinner.