Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Money CAN buy happiness

When people say "money can't buy happiness" or that the "best things in life are free", they need to add a few qualifiers.It needs to be said that certain needs need to be met before this even has a chance of being true. They need to acknowledge that below a certain level of financial well being, money CAN buy happiness. Money can by a warm house, nourishing food, and comfortable clothing. Money can't buy happiness? Try having an abscessed tooth and having no money to see a dentist. Try having to choose between paying your electricity bill and necessary medication. Yes, I can see that once certain basic need-and yes, wants- have been met, more money will do little to improve your life, and more time will do so. But it's demeaning to suggest the poor are somehow "fortunate" because they "know what really matters".