Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Two things I am not imagining

When we have vague discomforts or symptoms, we often get told it's in our heads. This past week has show me two things I can cross off that list.

For the past few weeks, I've been measuring my waist on Fridays. Last Friday, I was shocked to find my girth 1.75 inches larger than the previous weeks. I measured several times, to be sure. Sure enough, I soon noticed other symptoms of what would be my period (which I don't really get due to having an endometrial ablation a year and a half ago- side note: if you know babies aren't in your future and have the means, consider this procedure! It changed my life for the better). So yes, ladies, if you feel like you bloat a LOT, you're not imagining it.

Secondly, I ran out of Zyrtec over the weekend a couple of factors (time and money...when are they ever NOT my factors?!) kept me from getting more until Monday. I learned a two things over that span of time:

- I really, really do respond to Benadryl in the opposite way of almost the entire population. Trying to substitute Benadryl for Zyrtec lost me two nights of sleep.

-I really need allergy medication, and not just for a "stuffy nose". Without it, I have headaches, a sore throat, and the skin all over my body itches. I'm pretty much allergic to life on earth.


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