Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dark chocolate peanut butter eggs.

By popular demand- here are my directions, which do not deserve to be called a recipe...
Scoop about 1/2 a jar of Adam's peanut butter ( smooth) into a bowl. Add a whole bunch of C&H brown sugar ( you can also use powdered or some of each. ) Blend ( I use a Sunbeam mixer that was made back when women wore pearls to do this kind of thing, and which I can't turn up above two without smelling burning).

When you have achieved the consistency of the inside of peanut butter eggs, form by hand into eggs and lay out on a tray covered in parchment paper. Freeze for several hours.
When ready to dip, put a glass bowl in a pan of simmering water. Break up a Trader Joe's Pound Plus bar in your favorite cocoa concentration. When melted, remove from heat and stir completely. Remove eggs from freezer and dip, carefully scraping off bottom on side of bowl, placing back on the parchment. Try not to gorge yourself sick.