Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I know I haven't been around for a while, so I'll update you on my busy week and a half.
The van got fixed, without us having to hire anyone. Huzzah! If you live here, or have been following the news, you'll know it started snowing here last Wednesday and hasn't really stopped. Thursday was the full dress rehersal for Nutcracker. We made it, and back. Same for the Friday show- to the dismay of nexus. Saturday- by the time the matinee was started, it was snowing in earnest. I called the DM to check on the pizza status and he told me of we came home he would not let us oput again. Well, you know how stubborn I am- we stayed, ate snacks for "supper" and did the second show. Got home OK.
Unfortunately, work was cancelled again! This is all made worse by the fact that this is the first December in at least 5 years that I have not sold ANY truffles. Blasted economy.
The Thermopylae change of command ceremony was still on though- huzzah! While The Boy went to his best friend's house, Turbo, Gothgrrl and I went to the ship. The "cadets" got to serve as sideboys.
We left just in time- we got home OK, but the roads were barely passable. Huzzah for new tyres!
I have spent most of the rest of the week choring ( where is all this laundry coming from?!), knitting, and fighting off a sore throat.
Last night, we made the family Christmas Eve service, but, nursery at the service I was supposed to work later was cancelled. Arggh!
Today has been good. I got some great gifts- a Sansa MP3 player ( which I have spent downloading the software for- gotta love that free dial-up), an Aeropress coffeemaker, Buzz Stromg cookies, Across the Universe, The Serenity Those Left Behind graphic novel, two great t-shirts- "Huge Tracts of Land" and "If you're not a part of the Solution, you're a part of the precipitate".
The kids got some cool stuff- The Boy got his first cel phone ( a pay as you go). This may afford him some new freedoms. Gothgrrl loves her "OMG PWNIES" shirt, and is quite excited about Twilight. She is paying to tale me to the movie tomorrow. (From what I've heard about the movie, that's the only way she'd get me there first run).
Of course, Turbo got lots of Speed Racer and Godzilla, plus Wall-E stuff.
Hope your day has been merry and bright!