Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goodbye White Christmas

Yesterday, Gothgrll and I went to the mall with the intent of going to see Twilight. The only showing was at 10 PM, which meant we did not get to see it, but which probably also means it will be at the $ theatre soon. Instead we went to Claire's, Target, the library, the thrift store, Michaels, and Grocery Outlet. If I ever say I will take my tweenager to the mall the day after Christmas again, shoot me.Last night I heard it start raining. I was so saddened at the thought of the snow being gone, and my failure to appreciate it enough. Saddened by the moonlit snow walk the kids wanted to take but I didn't because I was "too cold"; saddened that we had our first White Christmas in the 15 years I have been here and I didn't take pictures or go ourside. I am left with an intesne feeling of my own suckage.Today I have been resting up; we watched some episodes of Dark Shadows while I knitted, I have done the obligatory laundry, I made two entries on semidailystartrek, and I have started by SFA Literature test.