Sunday, September 28, 2008

Still sick, and funny girl

I am still sick today which means I had to take off work, which really sucks because I don;t get sick pay. No work, no pay. Such is part time nursery work, as the DM pointed out at 4:30 am, between my hacking, that he wouldn't drop his kid off with me. Suckage. Except for the fact that I have lost 3 pounds while sick- a sore throat and being unable to taste anything will help even when your stomach is OK.
The Girl has been borrowing my MP3 player, which is amusing in part because she doesn't realise one of the reaons you use a personal listening device is so only you hear the music. For most of the afternooon we have been treated to off key a capella renditions of Jimmy Buffett and barenakedladies songs. If she ever tries to go on American Idol, I will do the kind thing and stop her.
Also found the funniest blog : what not to crochet: