Friday, December 21, 2007

Nutcracker- a story

This takes place on Saturday Night, after the 3rd of 5 shows. I sent Turbo into the men's dressing room to change out of his leotard and into street clothes, then set about removing the bobby pins from HRH's ringlets. I looked down and saw Turbo's street clothes ontthe floor. I had the Gameboy, so I knew he wasn't doing that, but I figured he was goofing off or eating somewhere. I planned to finish with HRH's hair and go after him. I didn't get the chance. Somehow, I didn't associate the scandalised little girls screams with whatever Turbo was doing- until I got hit in the head with his leo. Yes, he was nekkid. I gt him dressed right quick, but it will be a long time until HRH forgives him.

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