Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Current projects and books

I just finished a cute hat and capelet set for HRH. It's very cute- purple angelhair and pastel variegated ( almost "baby" colour) faux mohair. I did the hat in vari V-stitch with purple trim, and the capelet in purple fishnet with vari trim.

I am about half way through a fishnet shawl for myself- a foundation chain of 135 (which somehow yeilded 33 loops) decreasing one loop per row. It's in a pinky-purple boucle I got at the Deseret store for a mere $1.

I am reading some John Barnes books for an online book club. I'm almost done with Orbital Resonance, which is very good, and rather reminiscent of the Heinlein "youth in space " novels. After that, it's The Da Vinci Code- finally!

Oce I drag myself of the puter, my project is the lawn- with an old skool push mower. Gas prices, ya know.