Tuesday, April 02, 2013

This is changing

This is the last year for things as they have been. This is the year things change.

I have been writing the April progress reports for the two younger kids, for the online academy they're with. For the 8th grader, I have marked history as finished. We completed History of the Medieval World by Susan Wise Bauer. We have had so much fun with this book and with History of the Ancient World. Bauer has a great sense of humour, a predilection for the shocking bits of history, and geek cred.
But now we're done. My 16 year old will be going to community college and my daughter will be hopefully going-knock wood!- to arts high school, if she gets in on one of the next three rounds of lottery.
Things will change. It is most probably that next year it will be just the going-to-be 6th grader at home. He'll be 11, and I will probably decide it's just fine for me to take a walk while he's playing his daily game time. I'll have to decide if I give him off all the crazy vacation days that colleges and public schools seem to take. I may decide to take on more work teaching for MOPS groups or other part time child care. I will have less help but less of the seeming endless checking of schoolwork to slog through.

 My days will be filled with neither the challenges or joys of having all three kids at home with me all day.


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