Thursday, March 28, 2013

What do you think of things given to you?

Some questions regarding things given to you, and your obligations regarding them. (I'm intentionally not specifying only gifts for a reason, as you will see)
Is it your opinion that if someone gives you something it is yours, to do with whatever you want?
 Does that change depending on whether it was a birthday/holiday gift, a congratulatory gift/ or just something given for no reason?
Does it matter if you are giving it away (as in, a donation), regifting it, or selling it?
 What about hand me downs? ( I remember once getting a new-with -tags Dale of Norway kid's sweater in a bag of hand me downs. I *seriously* gave thought to selling it on E-bay, because I know what they're worth, but my husband thought it would be wrong to profit off hand me downs that way. I don't agree, but on the more convincing advice of a friend- that my kids deserved a nice sweater- held onto it and the two kids not allergic to wool got years of use out of it)
 Things bought second hand, but not for a gift giving occasion?
 Are you obligated to use gifts?
 To hold onto them if there's just no use for them, because they were a gift?
Is there any occasion when you are obligated to inform someone you are giving away or selling something someone gave you? (Personally, the only time I can think of is if you're breaking off an engagement or filing for divorce. Then, and only if it's not some kind of abusive situation, it might be polite to give back the expensive jewelry. If someone breaks it off with you, however, I say turning a profit on that ring is just fine).
Now, before anyone gets worried, I am not planning to hawk my overpriced anniversary band to buy a tungsten One Ring (I think about it a LOT, but it would not be worth the fall out) or anything else like that. As I look at our cramped house full of vaguely sentimental crap and hear my husband tell me how his brothers are still clearing their dad's house more than a year after his death, I question more than ever the idea that we can never get rid of things someone else gave us.


At 3:06 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

I say garage sale. Not that I have the time or energy to actually do it, but I say it.


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