Monday, February 18, 2013

Facebook pet peeves

We all have our own ways and reasons to use facebook ( assuming you do, that is) and our own little quirks and pet peeves.

Here are some of mine, and I'd love to see some of yours!

Spelling, grammar and punctuation. Enough said. See how I typed the whole word "enough"?

Non sequtier comments You know how when you post a picture from your birthday, and somebody comments that they have Tupperware to return to you? I have largely started ignoring those, and even deleting them. Use private messaging.

Game or app requests After I ignore the first 20, you might want to stop asking.

All political, all the time  Most of  have political opinions, and stating them a few times a year is certainly socially acceptable. But make it daily, or multiple times a day, or make it about demonizing the "other" side, and I'm likely to hide all your posts.

Not fact checking This applies to politics and a variety of other subjects. Before you hit share, visit Snopes (unless you're talking about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. Then post all the unsubstantiated rumours you want)

Religious intolerance This one flows all ways Intolerant of the religious? Not cool. Intolerant on the basis of a particular religion? Also not cool. Proselytising with your posts, taking advantage of tragedy to try to put the fear of Hell into the Heathens? So very very very not cool. If a religious leader does something heinous, they should be called on it, but will you then turn around and share a story of a church feeding the hungry, or a pastor advocating for gay rights? If you want your  religion respected, will will you extend the same to those with a different or no religion?

All or nothing statements These could gain hearken back to politics or religion, but also encompass anything from parenting to eating styles. Once you start framing your opinions in terms of "Anyone who doesn't agree with me is a brain dead sociopath", you're getting a bit offensive. (Exceptions: see; Doctor Who)

These are just mine; I'm sure you have different ones, especially if you're a hardcore political activist who plays Farmville? What are yours? I'd love to put together a blog link round up of your personal facebook rules.


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