Friday, March 29, 2013

The danger of having children close together

When my eldest was a baby and my hormone laden, only child self decided we should have several children close together, I had this vision.
My children would be as close in practice as they were in age. They'd be not just siblings, but friends. Dear friends. They would never be lonely.
This is an example of what really happens.

Last night, we were leaving JoAnn to go meet the DM to go to church for Turbo's first communion. I pulled out and even though I had looked behind me before backing out, a large truck whipped out of parking and nearly slammed into me.
Turbo noted, "That guy was a dick."
I told him that what he'd said was inappropriate ( but true). The girl said , "he's just a grossly inappropriate little person". Turbo hit the Girl. The Eldest hit Turbo.

Me: "Stop hitting!"
Turbo: "She insulted me!"
Me: "That neither excuses you hitting her or your brother hitting you."
Eldest : "It's my duty to protect my baby sister."
Girl:"I don't need you to protect me. I can hit people just fine on my own."

This is not what I expected.


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