Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Half way to getting there on his own

     This year seems to be so much about change and growth and letting go and letting my kids spread their wings. I mean, it's always like that with kids but this year is EXTRA like that for us. It's on and on.

     Earlier in the year, I started sending my daughter to the comic book store on the bus. Over the course of about 6 months I have gone from feeling sure she'll be kidnapped, raped and her body dumped into the greenery behind the bus stop to just being glad I have ONE teenager who isn't too "good" to ride the bus. Just as I get used to that....

     Turbo, 10 1/2, has tap on Tuesday nights at 5. I am finding myself leaving early with more and more frequency because I need to stop at the library, which is on the way, to print something out. Applications for Running Start and for the arts high school. The paperwork for getting a birth certificate so we can get our daughter a passport so she can go to South Korea. This week is was a transcript for the eldest, as we are taking his application in to the community college this afternoon. And as we're driving to the library, Turbo says:

"I bet if I walked from the library I could beat you to the dance school."
I try to non-committal. "I bet you could."
"Well, can I?"
     I debate on the way to the library and decide to let him. And the whole time I wait for my transcript to print, I'm imagining him kidnapped, or that I'll hear sirens and on my drive to the school see the paramedics working over his broken body because he didn't look before crossing the driveway of the Circle K. I finish my business and stop at the dance school before going on to knit night.

I'm not quite ready  to let him loose yet. But, here he is. More than halfway to adulthood.


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