Friday, October 26, 2012

Reasons not to toss your coffee grounds in the trash

If you drink coffee, you most assuredly know that thew grounds make great compost. Hey, many coffee shops even bag the grounds for you to take home to the garden.

Maybe you're a coffee drinker who doesn't garden or have a compost, so you've been throwing the grounds in the trash. But wait, you DON'T need to close that incredible resource up in a plastic bag where it will never get a chance to biodegrade!

Before I get creative and scare you off, let me first say that if nothing else, you can just pour coffee grounds down the sink. Rinse out that French press, shake out that paper filter...whatever you have. (If you're using those coffee pods, let's take a moment and think about two things. Number one, you have NO CLUE when that was ground, so your coffee is NOT it's best. Number two, for home use those pods are on about the same level of wastefulness-monetary and environmental- as Bibsters and individually wrapped potatoes. ) Give your pod machine to your local comic book store, yarn shop, or social group and get a press).

You can also put those grounds to use on the way down the pipes. Coffee grounds are great for cleaning cast iron- they abrade, help season, and don't cause rust.

Your skin LOVES coffee. Have you noticed how many "age-defying" skin products contain caffeine? If you can afford those fancy products, go for it. Or, you can exfoliate and tighten by scrubbing your face with something that at best was going to enrich your garden.

What's even better than that? A full body, coffee and coconut oil scrub. Every time I finish a bottle of coconut oil, I dump that mornings grounds in the jar, shake it up, and scrub my whole body in the shower. Moisturising AND invigorating!

Finally, coffee grounds are great for scrubbing hardwoods. Yes, you'll have to sweep after, but your floors will look so good, it'll be worth it!


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