Friday, October 12, 2012

Busy weekends demand a productive Friday

I don't usually post about the minutia of my day to day life because-really- who wants to read about that? But this weekend is not just busy, but also has some important things going on.

Whenever I have weekend plans, I try to work extra hard on Friday so I feel neither guilt about leaving all those things to be done, or overwhelmed on Monday when all those things have to be done. I'll be up in Seattle for much of tomorrow, with my beautiful daughter, visiting with some lady friends (both from Canada- one originally and one still- and first met both via an online mothering group). Since Supergirl will want to go to art club at the comic book store on the way home, my dear husband will be making chili in the crock pot, so we can just eat whenever we get home.

Sunday is busy too- church, but instead of my usual work for the first service and Sunday school, attend the second service, there is one big service because Grace is celebrating a huge achievement; donating over 3 millions dollars to fight world hunger since 1975. Luncheon after, too! The at 5 is public catechism, the last hoop for our confirmands to jump through. The DM will be there to with us. Then, at 7, bell choir for Turbo.

What that's meant for today: finishing up our school week. We are well on our way to that, due in large part to the hard work the kids have put into it this week. (Also due to much of Turbo's curricula still not being here) .For me this includes writing next week's lesson plan, and recording times of high school classes. I've also been researching the Tacoma School of the Arts, as Supergirl is interested in an arts high school. (If she gets in, how will I weather going from three to one kid being home schooled? Stay tuned). I'll need to go print an application out, even though I never got around to taking the Boy's Running Start application out of my backpack.  Later, I will take the Boy for the final bit of school for him for the week: interviewing the sample guy at Trader Joe's for culinary arts. I've also been doing ALL THE LAUNDRY (4 loads) and unloading the dishwasher that Turbo filled and started. In addition, I called the heating guys AGAIN, as the heater started making a loud, continuous noise last night and only stopped when we turned off the breaker. I moved stuff around in the garage so I could turn on the breaker long enough for the receptionist to hear the sound, then did some garage organizing while I was at it. (Yes, I know there should ALWAYS be a clear path to the breaker. tell that to Mr "one phone call away from being on "Hoarders").
AND a last minute revision of next week's lesson plan, as I got a call from a lady at church asking if we'd help pack Lutheran World Relief school kits on Monday. (With MOPS on Tuesday that has me running a 3 day school week next week- see, I can be flexible!).
And lastly, grocery shopping and the boy off to help at the homeless shelter tonight!


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

I like hearing about the minutia of your daily life(:

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Humanity&Light said...

Enjoyed reading it.......

At 3:57 PM, Blogger Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe said...

Thanks :)


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