Thursday, September 13, 2012

Standing by the sea, looking into the future

We won't have many more days like this, when it's nice and warm and good for going to the seaside.
Ok, not really seaside, not here. Sound-side. But many of you know what I mean. If you've spent a September or more in the Pacific Northwest, you really know what I mean.
If you're a parent, you will also feel that extra urgency I feel.
It's not easy, as a classically homeschooling mom who works part time and cooks most evenings to get an afternoon away to the Sound. But, I won't have many days to take my kids to the waterfront.
Already, my eldest finds helping a friend's family move or paint their house more fun than going to the water or the movies with me. Already, my only daughter will only let me take pictures of her on HER terms.
Parents of small ones, I know- I KNOW- that in the midst of sleepless nights and potty training, hearing that "This time goes so fast" is as likely as anything else to prompt you to say , "Do you promise?". But oh, daddies and mommies, before you know it, it may be your son, maybe taller than you, who doesn't want to go to that park anymore, and he'll be old enough not to. It may be your gilr child, on the cusp of womanhood, staring at the sea, waiting to spread her wings and fly.
Cherish it.


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