Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Navigating changes, like a boss.

Changes for this year, always changes. For the last dozen years or so, I've been involved in one way or another with the MOPS group at my church, culminating with serving as the childcare coordinator last year. I was very sad when the group dissolved, in large part due to the fact that we just don;t have that many SAHM at my church. You can imagine I was quite happy when a friend from the homeschooling community  who worked as a MOPS teacher for me last year got me set up to work for a local church's group. I'll have three year olds, and just found out that a friend's son will be in my class! ( I helped with twos today, due to numbers). First day today-got up in time to wash laundry, cook eggs for myself and the DM, hang laundry and work out before leaving. Turbo helped like a champ so I got him COFFEE- with cream and sugar!- at the post MOPS  Starbucks run. Got home and the Supergirl had worked a couple days ahead in several subjects, got ALL the teacher contact done. This is more work this year too...Turbo is in a new school, and the teens need to both do online contact on every subject PLUS talk to the teacher on the phone every week. Oy. I  even took a walk by myself while the boys played Halo.  Now I just need to get dinner into the oven before the new, earlier tap class time- yep, even that has changed, as of yesterday, due to some classes not being filled. Classes at my dinnertime are not my favourite thing in the world but getting it over with earlier is better, right? Plus it will be good if, as I hope, the Boy continues to go to youth night; a new thing, Senior High Bible study on Tuesdays, but he wants to not go out of protest of the change. With him getting confirmed, I feel I can't really press the issue, at least not after the Rite in less than a month. At this point, it really has to be his choice. I admit hoping his BFF will successfully pressure him into continuing to go.


At 4:47 PM, Blogger Lone Star Ma said...

They just keep growing and changing! It's cool and all but sometimes I wish they'd slow down!

At 3:14 PM, Blogger Jenna Carodiskey-Wiebe said...

Me too!


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