Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne

I first read Shane Claiborne's writing in this essay from 2009 , which was recently linked on one of the pages I follow. (I wish I could remember which at this point!) I knew I needed to read more by this man, and headed to my library website. The Irresistible Revolution is an incredible book that greatly speaks to how I have long believed it means to live the Christian life. Claiborne and his cohorts at The Simple Way live Christian community in a way that reflects the early church as depicted in the book of Acts. While it's a life I do not have the courage for (yet!) I admire it and try ti live parts of it in my own way: freeganizing, bartering, and doing what I can to meet our needs and help others while making less use of the market economy (even if using hand me downs and hanging your laundry is your starting point,it's a great starting point!)
I'd really love to quote great swathes of the book, but I'm just going to tell you to read it instead.I will share one quote wit you, as I feel it speaks so greatly to why our society perceives Christianity the way it does.
"Whenever someone tells me they have rejected God, I say, "Tell em about the God you've rejected". And they describe a God of laws and lightening bolts, of frowning grey haired people and boring meetings. I  usually confess, "I too have rejected that God"."



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I love that book.


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