Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some thoughts on Halo from a non player

When we got out X Box 360 this January, my husband made sure to get the package that came with a Halo game. It quickly became a favourite among my boys, though the DM and Supergirl play less frequently.
Even though I don't really game, I get plenty of time to hear and observe. My kids like to joke that if I were in the Halo universe, I'd be Dr Halsey, because she also is obsessed with coffee (ha!) .

I have many friends who won't let their kids play Halo (I support their choices) and some of them are horrified that I do (that's what I get for being a peace loving hippie freak). It is violent, yes, and if you choose not to let your child play violent video games, it's not for you. For those of us who do, Halo has got a lot to recommend it. The female characters are not just the equals of the men, they have similar armour. No half naked game babes. There is also racial and ethnic equality. As anyone who keeps up on the gaming world knows, sexualized women and pervasive racial stereotypes are a big issue in video games ( still). It's nice to have games that will actually appeal to teenagers where they aren't.


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