Thursday, July 29, 2010

What having more than one kid has taught me

Disclaimer: I believe family size is a very individual, private thing, and that parents who choose to have one child are not living or giving a life that is any less full. However, I have seen that there are things it takes more than one kid to learn (or unlearn, as the case may be). In no particular order, this is what raising three children has taught me.

While you do have to watch out for your kids' personal safety, they are not really made of glass.
Steps. Kids need to learn to use them sooner rather than later.
Cookie dough. Really, do you actually KNOW anyone who has gotten sick, or even worse, died from it? Hearsay doesn't count.
Forget the ten second rule. If there are no bugs crawling on it, it's still edible.
Strong boys wear pink. Especially if they have a big sister. In fact, if they have a big sister, they probably wear pink tutus.
Sometimes it's easier to codify than disallow fighting.
New clothes? You mean socks and underwear, right?
Never let pride get in the way of accepting help.
You don't have to call the doctor for everything.
If you can stand up, you are well on your way to being able to sweep, fold laundry, and wash dishes.
Try not to get to attached to your possessions. Someones just going to break, make off with, or stain it.
Overlook things, if no property damage or broken bones will result.
It's OK to sometimes not know where your kids are.
Playing in the rain is not bad. It means mom will stay sane.
Mom does not have to share her chocolate.
If you get fashed about germs, you'll go hungry a lot.
Hand washing. A good idea, yes, especially if you can see dirt, but again, do you really know anyone who's gotten sick from eating without washing first?


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K! I absolutely love and AMen everything in this post. Now to ask if it is OK to steal it and post it on mine? Saves me the trouble of writing down almost the exact same thing......

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