Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things that don't bug me ( and a few that do)

Junk food
If my kids wear underwear or put their shoes on the correct feet ( big deal to DH).
Shoes in the house. In fact, please, wear your shoes in my house instead of standing in my doorway taking them off.
Reading or occasionally watching TV while eating supper. Nachos and Star Trek are a winning combination!
If people drink in front of their kids or let them taste alcohol.
babies without hats and kids without coats.
I actually have issues about lots of other stuff. I often correct other adults' grammar before realising I've done so (my kids do too actually!) and I would rather get somewhere late than let my kids go out the door with uncombed hair. That drives me NUTS!
Un cut hair though-it boggles my mind when other parents talk about their kids having meltdowns during haircuts. Just.don'