Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year

Sorry I've been away so long- it's not even like busy has been an excuse.
Christmas was good. The Boy, with a combo of gift cards and Christmas cash bought a DS. KNowing this was his plan we bought him the new game Godzilla Unleashed, which he has declared the Coolest Game Ever.
We got HRH the Fairy Princess some books, which she liked but was dissapointed in the lack of toys. She spent her cash on a bunch of cheap, plastic Made In China Stuff. Augh.
Turbo got some Godzilla stuff-a toy Mecha-G and the entire Hanna Barbara series. Funky theme.
I got yarn money from The DM, and season 4 of DS9. I finished his socks and I'm finally making my Jayne hat- squee!

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