Friday, January 18, 2008

Wheeel of Candy

Another for the "Why I love homeschooling" category- just as we were settling down to bookwork, The Dungeon Master calls to tell me that the new See's Candy in the complex where he works is having a grand opening today. I hem and haw- Turbo woke me with a headache, I'm broke and low on gas, blah blah blah- he promised to pay me back and told me "There's a wheel with prizes". So we busted ass on the schoolwork and went to meet the DM at his lunch break. They started handing out the candy as we went in the door. And then, the wheel of candy- no cost to spin, every slot a winner, and the spinny guy made sure all the kids spun. The boys each got a 1 pound box, the girl an 8 oz box ( we bought her a wrapped heart candy to make up) and I scored a 2 pounder. We all picked some bulk candies, and got to eat two before coming home to lunch. The best part? The boy said when we got home, "Thanks for homeschooling us, because if we were in school we wouldn't have had the chance to spin the wheel of chocolates".

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