Monday, February 04, 2008

Bragging on the Boy

Here's the big brag. I work MOPS at my church two Wedsnesday mornings a month. Andrew goes to class (not mine!), Olivia helps out with two year olds, and I had let Matthew bring his Gameboy to occupy himself. A few months into the year the teacher of the church school's preK stopped me to tell me how much the kids love Matthew. Huh? He had been quietly volunteering all this time. I hear that the kids now calls the days he is there "Matthew day". His best friend's dad says he's the most polite kid they ever host and he frequently tries to get C to be more respectful to his dad. (yes I wonder what child really goes over there sometimes). He's giving Livvie his Gameboy for her birthday and most of the games (He did get a DS for Christmas!