Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back to reality

I am getting back to the real world, with some feeling of surreality (is that a word?). I wonder if it is good or bad that I have a PACKED week; Monday, Turbo to dance, Tuesday, Filius Caesar to counseling, me to work and then late to committee meeting, Wednesday, work MOPS, Thursday, work in the evening, Friday, story time then homeschool co-op then see Heather Alexander in the evening, Saturday, Fairy Princess to dance and help paint a school, Sunday, my regular work...all on top of getting the kids back onto school schedule and getting Fairy Princess back onto a gluten free diet, without the benefit of having done the grocery shopping.

My little nuts are outside at the toy kitchen, doing Monty Python's Bavarian Restaurant sketch. I think they're warped.

People ask me to describe my trip, but words seem inadequate.