Saturday, January 21, 2006

Destructrion, Distribution, and The Big Easy (Not in that order)

Yesterday, the team headed out to Biloxi and Waveland to see the damage. As we drove, we kept thinking that it couldn't get any worse, yet it did. Miles of coastal property with nothing but foundations left. The Biloxi Bridge, buckled and broken. You just say "Oh. My. God." because there are no words, just a formless awe and prayer. In Waveland we split up. Thirteen of our team of twenty felt that if we got that far, we should just drive on to New Orleans, and we did just that. Now, most of you will not know this, but one of the items on my "do before I die" list was to visit The French Quarter and specifically, Rue Bourbon. I am very much in love with The French Quarter and I would move to NO in a heartbeat. It's so alive, pulsingly alive, an a way no other place I have been is. We ate at Oceana (on le Rue Chartres, right off Bourbon) and I have had a foretaste of Heaven. New Orleans chefs who die are sent right to Heavenly KP. I tasted gator sausage and it was incredible! Blackened chicken, squash, blackened red potatos, red beans and rice, with the NO "HolyTrio" of garlic, onion, and celery.
Today I worked at tyhe distribution center, doing intake for people who needed food and household items. How wonderful to talk to all those people, see what they need, hear their stories. People are so thankful that we have come.

So, now the work is done. We eat out tonight, then sleep, then head home tomorrow. It will be a different person getting off the plane.