Thursday, December 15, 2005

Happy Stuff (mostly)

Happy Stuff (mostly) Current mood: tired Category: Life
Last night I went to a Burts's Bees presentation at the Health Food Store. IN addition to the truly generous gift bag, I was able to answer the presenters questions about ingredients and came home with a hand care bag, too! I know, I sound inordinately happy over it, but I have't had much money for skin care the past ...well, for a long time.
I stayed up late last nmight making a baby blanket. It's for HRH the Fairy Princess to take to ballet- her school collects baby items to take to a center for drug addicted babies. I did get sad making it.

I finished HRH's scarf and am working on Filius Ceasars. I will need even MORE yarn for the Dungeon Masters' Afghan of Chaos- it EATS yarn.