Monday, December 05, 2005

Goblet of fire, and yarn

We went to see Goblet of Fire yesterday. The effects were mostly cool, though I can't help feeling they could have done much better with Moody's eye. And they made the Ridgeback a wyvern for some reason.
The gaping plot holes were hard to deal with.
The scene with Amos Diggory crying over Cedric's body was heartwrenching I cried.
I loved the long hair all around. Lots of people seem to hate it, but I guess the combo of Hippie and Rennie predisposes me to long hair.

In strangley related news, my friend D read here that I am crocheting and offered me some yarn. Most of it is slated for a throw, but- get this- two of the skeins were scarlet and gold. Woot! I see a Gryffindor scarf in my future....