Thursday, January 17, 2013

Last week, I thought I would spend this week doing a detox diet. I sold this to my family as a case of trying to "heal my digestive system" (which would be AWESOME, of course!) but the fact is that I was attracted by the fact that it promised to melt off between 10-17 pounds in one week.
I would always love the idea of getting down to my target weight magically in one week's time, but even more so as we approach our 20th wedding anniversary. Because we will go out to a nice restaurant, and I will wear a sexy dress. Despite the weather, I am planning to wear a green dress my husband got me when we were newlyweds. I've been able to fit into it for a few years now, but for this, I want to look really FABULOUS, better than I did when I first wore it 20 years ago.

I only got a day and a half on the detox diet, but I had all these vegetables I needed to use so I made a huge batch of vegan squash and veggie soup. As I served myself a bowl for lunch yesterday for the third day in a row (served with a generous amount of kale!) I thought to myself, "All these squash and kale soup lunches will help me look great on our anniversary". And the next thought I had was, "There is no way my husband is thinking anything even remotely similar to this".
Now, it must be said that my husband doesn't like me to try to speak for him. But it's absolutely true that he doesn't think about being in shape to go out with me. And, he doesn't really care if I do. Even though I'm in much better shape now than I was the last time I wore that dress, 2 1/2 years ago, I don't want to use the fact that he thought I was sexy enough then as an excuse to slack off.


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