Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Some hormonal thoughts on why women soldier through

WE all know that stereotypes are wrong, yet we also secretly admit that many stereotypes do have a grain of truth.
One that I have found to be more true than not, in my life and the lives of others I know, is that regarding how women and men react to minor illness.
Of course it's not across the board, and there are men who keep going through any illness and women who curl up in a ball at the first sign of a sniffle. However, things do tend to go the other way around.
I was cogitating upon that yesterday as I inwardly bemoaned my bloated state and reminded myself more than once that it;s not OK to snap at others for hormonally induced reasons- while being thankful that at least I don't have the bleeding and cramps to look froward to- that of COURSE women are more likely to keep going through discomfort. From our teens, our bodies train us to do that. Given how far we are past the fictional concept of a "red tent", when we are gushing like a crime scene and would love nothing more than to spend the next three days in a sobbing ball of pain and emotion, we have to get up, throw back a triple dose of Advil. and do what the men do, only backwards and in high heels. And we do this until and unless we get pregnant and/or decide we're done with our uteri and have something surgical done about it. And no, I'm not angry at men about it. I blame evolution.
But really guys? People with a cols are capable of wearing pants.

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