Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My agenda for the rest of the summer

It's hard to believe we only have about three weeks of summer left. I think it especially seems to sneak up on us in the Pacific Northwest, since we usually don't start even getting nice weather until after July 4th. This may be why our school years seem to start and end so much later than the rest of the nation! With that in mind, there are both things I need to get done to prepare for the school year, and to squeeze the last out of summer.

-Take kids to the lake a few times a week, since we finally have the weather for it.
- Type up lesson plan sheets, and print them out
-Plan first couple weeks of lessons
- Prepare for my 40th birthday party
-Read, read read- and review!
-Blog frequently; on a daily basis if possible. Make enough of a name for myself as a geeky mom blogger that GeekGirlCon invites me to be a future geeky mom panelist.
- Keep trying to figure of what's wrong with me, and resist the urge to give up
-Get as far as I can on The DM's Big Damn Christmas Sweater- not easy in this heat1
-Take advantage of the time for double workouts .


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Great list!


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