Monday, July 09, 2012

Be not annoying

I try to teach my kids a lot of things, and one is to not be annoying. To not grow into an annoying adult. I try-TRY_ to do this without harping on every little thing they do and choosing my battles. Part of this is being frank with them because, hey, I hope I have raised kids resilient enough to handle it. I only wish some adults had a clue on some of these.

Number One; don't be smelly . This applies to both daily bathing and NOT using smelly chemical products. Most people don;t like either of those things. If my teenagers have rank armpits mid day, I tell them so and require them to go do something about it.

Number Two; accept when your attempt to bring the funny fails and move on. If you say something you think is funny and no one laughs, it means that what you said isn't funny. Laughing at yourself , then pausing dramatically, will not get you sincere laughter.

Number Three; Never be rude to your waiter ( or barista, or any of those). These are the  people who are bringing you something you supposedly plan to EAT. Do you want them spitting on it? If you have a real gripe, wait until you're done eating. If you complain before that, I don't want to hear about the loogie in your lasagna.

Number Four ; Retail workers are not paid enough to put up with jerks. So don't be one to them.

Number Five ( and this is a big one for me!) If you are about to say something that you will feel compelled to conclude with "Oh, I couldn't help myself" you need to either STOP and  not say or not do it or seek professional help for your poor self control issues.


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