Thursday, June 28, 2012


Yesterday, in a rare event, I had a full day of work and had to get ready at the same time as my husband. As I was putting on a bit of eyeliner, he asked "Why do you think that makes you more beautiful?" I told him it wasn't about thinking I looked beautiful (I was getting ready for a day of caring for babies and toddlers), but rather looking a bit more put together, an extension of not going to work in sweats and bedroom slippers.
I'm not saying that all women should wear makeup to work, or that it looks bad if she doesn't. And I AM grateful that I'm married to a man who doesn't care if I wear make up or touch up the grey in my hair (in fact, if I never did either again he'd be happy) Part of being a feminist woman is that I can feel free to wear or not wear make up, to touch up or not touch up my roots, to wear jewelry or not. And being at home as much as I am, I LIKE feeling like less of a drudge sometimes, and I truly enjoy the times I get to put on a pretty dress and nice shoes.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger misa101 said...

I wear makeup cause I WANT TO

3 times a year ;)


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